High-quality Products 

High-quality products complement Matthew's massage service. Products used are from Kaeso (heated oil - a nurturing blend of Grape Seed and Avocado oil with Geranium), Molton Brown (shower gel),  Baobab Collection (scents) and KEF (audio system). A relaxing LED Wave Light Projector is used. 

120min (2hrs) massage 

A „prolonged deep moment“ of sensual relaxation.
For those specifically looking for an extended massage. A full journey of sensual relaxation. 

The Massage Experience. 

Durations & Prices 

Matthew's signature premium sensual relaxation massage is offered in three different durations depending on your preferences and schedule. The prices depend on the service components booked. The prices and service scope are explained in detail during the initial contact (Tab: Contact). Check his reviews (Tab: Reviews) for an impression of the high quality of his service. 

High-quality Facilities

Matthew's premium sensual relaxation massage service is offered at a modern loft in the EU District (2min walk from Square Ambiorix, Metro: Schuman, Brussels Postcode 1000) (incall).  Incall amenities  include Rainfall Shower with shower gel by Molton Brown, Heaters (warm) / fans (cold), heated under-blanket and drinks (bottled water, coffee/tea, soft drinks). 

90min (1,5hrs) massage

A „deep moment“ of sensual relaxation. The standard option (most booked). Allows for a deep relaxation experience. Equilibrium between depth and length. 

Masseur Matthew Gay Massage Brussels
Incall Studio Masseur Matthew Gay Massage Brussels

High-quality massage with excellent facilities and products.  

Incall Studio Masseur Matthew Gay Massage Brussels

9AM - 11PM 7/7  +32477685343 Brussels, Belgium

60min (1hr) massage 

A "moment" of sensual relaxation. Condensed, concise massage format (well-rounded).  

A unique sensual relaxation massage 

Matthew offers a premium sensual relaxation massage for gay and bisexual men in Brussels, Belgium - one of the best sensual male massage experiences in continental Europe. The luxurious massage experience he provides utilizes a  unique technique  developed and success-proven over years of giving massages in Brussels, Berlin and Amsterdam since 2012.  His technique fluently combines firm (Swedish) massage strokes  with  gentle, highly sensual touch  to give you a genuine moment of  relaxation for your body  and an intense  experience of sensuality  for your mind. To complement touch, his service also embraces and soothes your  other senses  with carefully chosen music, colored light and scents. For an impression of Matthew's service, check out his reviews (See Tab: Reviews).