Sensuality. Relaxation. Inspiration. 

Sensuality based on Experience 

Matthew's sensual relaxation massage builds on his wealth of experience giving massages with a relaxing and sensual touch since 2012 in Amsterdam, Berlin and Brussels. He is a respectful, patient person and takes your well-being seriously. Over the years, he has massaged people from all over the world and all walks of life (business, arts, politics etc.) and performed massages at a range of 4- and 5-star hotels. 

Relaxation drawing on Nature

Matthew's life story, as a 30-year old German(born)-Canadian(raised) male, brought him into close contact with nature growing up in Nova Scotia, Canada (East Coast). Nature is a primary source of inspiration for his sensual relaxation massage service – as the ultimate Teacher in combining sound, touch and light to create a sensual and relaxing moment. 

Matthew's premium sensual relaxation massage service draws on three main sources of inspiration: his years of experience giving massage, nature and Japanese aesthetics ideals (Wabi-sabi). 

9AM - 11PM 7/7  +32477685343 Brussels, Belgium

Masseur Matthew Gay Massage Brussels

Inspired by Japanese Aesthetics 

Another source of inspiration for Matthew's sensual relaxation massage service is the Japanese aesthetic concept of Wabi Sabi (侘寂). This aesthetic sensibility finds a melancholic beauty in the impermanence of all things. Subtle implementation through, particularly, the music, light and scent environment allows the massage recipient to achieve a state of mental relaxation to complement the physical aspects of the massage.